Clements: 'Bradley should go off the rails'

EastEnders actor Charlie Clements has revealed that he would like his character to "go to a dark place".

The 21-year-old, who has played unlucky-in-love Bradley Branning since January 2006, admitted that after two screen relationships, he is ready to steer his alter ego "off the rails".

Speaking exclusively to DS, Clements said: "I'd quite like to see him floating around on his own. We've never really seen Bradley not in a relationship. As soon as he arrived, he was thrown into the relationship with Stacey and now that's broken up, he's straight back into another one with Syd."

He added: "We've never really seen him go 'out there'. I'd quite like to see him go to a dark place to be honest and maybe go a bit off the rails."

Next week, Bradley's life is left hanging in the balance when he becomes caught in an explosion at Ian Beale's café on Bridge Street while attempting to save Nick Cotton.

Source - Digital Spy


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