Drunk Phil Takes A Tumble

Phil is left unconscious after he takes a drunken tumble at The Vic.
Then, in hospital, he tells Peggy she's to blame for all his problems.

Alcoholic Phil fell off the wagon in a big way a few weeks ago, and this week he hits rock bottom.

When his mum refuses to serve him in the pub, he lays into her airing her dirty laundry in front of everyone and then threatens to sell his half of The Vic again.

As he lurches off upstairs, Peggy throws everyone out.

But just as Shirley is about to leave, they hear an almighty crash and discover Phil out cold at the foot of the stairs.

In hospital, as Phil comes around, Peggy tells him how worried she is.

Phil asks if she really wants to know what is wrong, then spits out 'It's you', to Peggy's horror.
After Phil discharges himself and hits the bottle again, upset Ben decides he wants to go and live with big brother Ian.

But, as Phil wallows in a drunken stupor, Shirley, Peggy and Ben team up for one last attempt at getting him to quit drinking.

Ben begs him to get help, while Peggy says she will look after the businesses until he is well again.

Can they get through to him?

Source - The Sun


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