Café Explosion

This is the dramatic moment that a gas explosion causes a huge fireball to rip through Ian Beale's café in EastEnders.

Despite his best laid plans to murder his 'Ma' Dot Nick Cotton is furious to discover that his daughter Dotty has revealed their fatal plot to kill for their inheritance. Tracking the youngster down to the launderette, Nick bundles Dotty into the back of his car but as he attempts to flee the Square, he crashes into the market flower stall.

Feeling cornered, Nick grabs Dotty and hauls her into the café with him before locking the door and trapping the locals inside, including Whitney, Lucy, Bradley and Syd.

As those outside realise what's happening, Nick's completely oblivious to the fire which has broken out in the kitchen area. Catching the wayward Cotton unaware, Whitney's male friend wrestles him to the ground, allowing Bradley to usher everyone to safety. All hostages escape, but as the fire blazes, Nick remains inside.

Seeing the worry on Dot's face, Bradley makes a split-second decision to rush back inside to save her son. However, a struggle between the pair ensues as Nick refuses to leave with him. Nick heads for the back door while Bradley attempts his escape through the main entrance. Bradley spots a burst gas pipe and at that moment, the café explodes with him inside.

Source - Digital Spy


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