Enders Stacey for bipolar plot

BBC soap EastEnders is to continue tackling the issue of bipolar disorder when market trader Stacey Slater is diagnosed with the condition.

Over the last few weeks, Stacey's increasingly erratic behaviour has intensified, worrying her family - including her bipolar-suffering mother Jean in the process.

As Stacey, played by 21-year-old Lacey Turner, continues on the downward spiral, tomorrow night's episode of the Walford soap follows the character from her point of view as she ricochets around the Square, arguing, confronting and even seducing some of the locals.

Jean, however, identifies that her daughter's behaviour has all the hallmarks of bipolar and urges her to seek help.

EastEnders has been working with mental health charities such as Mind and MDF The BiPolar Organisation (Manic Depression Fellowship) in order to ensure that the storyline accurately reflects those who suffer with the condition in real life.

Speaking of the storyline, Turner said: "I think its great that EastEnders is continuing to raise awareness of this difficult issue. With the research that EastEnders has done with [the various] charities, I hope that I can do justice to this challenging storyline."

Executive producer Diederick Santer commented: "What we're seeing this week with Stacey is in some ways an extension of how she's always been – a character of highs and lows, of great passions and dark moods. This week, we see that the contrasts have become bigger, and we start to realise that her mood is more complex than upset about her brother's disappearance and grief at her friend's death.

"It's the beginning of us getting to really know and understand who Stacey is and what makes her behave the way she does."

Mind chief executive Paul Farmer said: "It's fantastic that a high-profile soap like EastEnders has been prepared to tackle the challenge of exploring a mental health issue through the experience of Stacey, who is such a well-loved and popular character.

"The degree of research and consultancy they have undertaken to ensure an accurate and honest portrayal of how mental distress affects not only the individual but also family and friends is to be commended."

He added: "For many people with mental health problems, the stigma and discrimination they can face can be a bigger obstacle than the illness itself. We hope this storyline will help to dispel the myths about mental health problems and help the public to be more informed about this issue."

Source - Digital Spy


Brucie said…
a well played part highlighting a frightening. My partner has severe manic bipolar and if she screws up her timings for medication this is exactly what its like. Sometimes worse. Come on BBC - how about a full documentary on this illness. Its hidden by so many as it will lead to a reason for sacking you from work!!!

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