Garry peep show shock

EastEnders Garry Hobbs gets a shock when he decides to peep at his girlfriend's modelling photos.

Dawn Swann - played by Kara Tointon - has done some modelling work to earn extra cash to support her and baby Summer, and is out when they arrive back in the post.

Garry, played by Ricky Groves, takes a cheeky peek at the pictures, hoping to see some sexy shots, but is surprised when he discovers they are just pictures of Dawn's hands and neck.

Dawn laughs when she comes home and reveals to Garry that she is only going to be modelling jewellery.

But while she is insistent she wants to get a job to help contribute to their income, her new career could come between them.

Garry is worried about her being out working all the time and the pair argue when Dawn asks Garry to stay in and babysit Summer instead of going to the pub.

Source - Virgin Media


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