Ideal Man Phil Mitchell?

Kara Tointon thinks Phil Mitchell could be the perfect man for her character.

The actress - who plays 'EastEnders' character Dawn Swann - believes the Walford hardman could be the one to finally tame feisty Dawn with his power and money.

She said: "Dawn needs excitement and that feeling of not knowing what's going to happen next with Phil could give her that. I think Dawn could become attracted to Phil. He's powerful in the Square, and she's known him for a long time."

Kara also said sparks begin to fly between Phil and Dawn - who is currently going out with mechanic Garry Hobbs - after she starts working at his pub, the Queen Victoria.

Kara added: "Dawn asks him for a job at the Vic but he doesn't actually agree - she just gets behind the bar! At the start of the week, she has a go at Phil about his drinking, but doesn't leave time for the wounds to heal.

"He finds it amusing that she's standing up to him, though."

Kara has recently quit the BBC soap, and will leave this summer. Although she doesn't know her character's exact fate yet, she says she was pleased to find out she won't die.

Kara added: "I'm so excited about getting my last scripts, because I've heard they're really good. I'm just pleased that I'm not being killed off - I think I'd refuse to do the dying scene!

"I'd like to believe that Dawn will be out there somewhere, because she's been a big part of my life for so long."

Source - Virgin Media


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