Love is in the Square

Walford's hottest new couple Marc Elliott and Preeya Kalidas are also dating OFF-SCREEN, we can reveal.

The pair, who play lovers Syed Masood and Amira Shah, were snapped strolling with their arms around each other after filming EastEnders in Elstree, Herts.

Seems Marc has really fallen for new girl Preeya, who recently claimed she was single.

But the pair are desperate to keep their romance under wraps. They walked separately for five minutes before they got together and started canoodling.

And when co-star Nina Toussaint-White (Syd Chambers) shouted at them down the street, they parted faster than Archie and Peggy after their marriage.

Gorgeous Preeya, 26, made her first appearance in Albert Square this week, leaving Syed's little brother Tamwar gobsmacked when she arrived.

An Enders insider said: "It is obvious there is plenty of on-screen chemistry between Syed and Amira-and now the world will know why.

"They make a great couple. They are both very sexy and talented, so it makes sense they are attracted to each other."

Both Preeya and 29-year-old Marc's characters are set for big storylines this summer after bad-boy businessman Syed turned up in Albert Square last month.

He was sent packing four years ago after he caused his family's previous business to go bust, prompting a rift with his dad.

Source - News of the world


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