Max And Tanya Branning To Reunite?

Jo Joyner and Jake Wood think their 'EastEnders' characters should reunite.

Jo's character, Tanya Branning may be making an attempt to move on from her ex-husband Max (Jake) by dating Albert Square's new resident doctor Al Jenkins, and Jake is currently fending off the advances of his step-daughter Stacey - which originally ruined his marriage - but the actors say they really belong together.

Jake said: "It'd be interesting to get them back together and then take the focus away from it being about them for a while. But everyone who mentions it to me wants them to reunite. They make a great couple."

Jo added: "We could have a soap wedding - I'd love to see them remarry. Tanya likes a party doesn't she? Max isn't cruel, sadistic or violent - he'd never bury Tanya alive! He's just a stupid bloke, so there's room for forgiveness there."

While Jake acknowledges Max and Tanya make a great couple, he is unsure if his character could commit fully to Tanya.

He added: "I reckon the grass is always greener for Max. I'd like to think he'd do the right thing. But he'll always want what he can't have and at the moment that's Tanya. How committed he'll be in the future, we'll have to wait and see."

Source - Virgin Media


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