Nitin Ganatra Wants An Affair

'EastEnders' star Nitin Ganatra is desperate for Masood to have an affair.

The actor thinks his alter-ago, who has a stormy marriage with wife Zainab Ahmed, should cheat on her with work partner Jane Beale, who is married to café owner Ian.

He said: "I don't know where the writers are going with Masood and Jane's relationship but I wish I did! So far, viewers have been really responsive to it.

"Laurie Brett, who plays Jane, and other people have said there's chemistry between our characters. It would be nice for Masood to go off and have an affair, because it would change him slightly and stop things becoming samey."

Despite his character being a chef, Nitin insists he is the better cook.

He said: "I can cook better than Masood! My sister taught me when I was a kid - she didn't have a younger sister to share the load, so she made sure I could cook, iron and wash up. I'm a flavour freak, even when it comes to cheese on toast - I add mushrooms and chillies."

Source - Virgin Media


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