Peggy's Fury

After his descent into the bottle following 13 years on the wagon, there’s more bad news for poor Phil Mitchell.

His mum Peggy threatens to abandon him. The fed-up matriarch is ready to wash her hands of her alcoholic son once and for all – so she gives him an ultimatum: “Clean up or get out.”

The Queen Vic landlady finally loses it with her eldest after she finds him slumped on the sofa in a drunken stupor.

The bossy blonde throws a vase of water over him before telling him: “Ten minutes. I want you up, showered and presentable.

“My family, my house, my rules.”

Amazingly, after being dry for 13 years, Phil blames Peggy for his descent into the bottle.

Our Walford insider says: “Phil feels like he has let his mum down by not killing her bad-boy hubby Archie on her orders.

“When she compared him to Grant and said his younger brother wouldn’t have hesitated it was like the last straw to Phil.“Really for him it’s been downhill since then – but this time Peggy is going to give him something else to think about…the loss of a roof over his head.”

Actor Steve McFadden, who plays the drunk, said: “Phil is on a spiral of decline. He feels Peggy doesn’t appreciate or love him.

“He feels like shedding all the responsibility and burden of being the tough guy and being a bit of an arse who doesn’t care about anything.“It’s going to get worse and worse.”

Phil turns to drinking mate Shirley for comfort during his time of need. But pals fear she could be the kiss of death for the former hard man.

Source - Daily Star


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