Ronnie's Pregnancy Plot

EastEnders' Ronnie Mitchell has suffered her fair share of heartbreak over the past few weeks.

But, as always on Albert Square, there's more misery in store.

Having finally settled down with the love of her life, Jack Branning, Ronnie's decided something's missing from her life.

But is Jack ready for another baby?As it turns out, Ronnie doesn't care.

Scott has revealed that his character is set for a rough ride when Ronnie's plans turn nasty.

"These two are destined to be together — and then not," he hinted. "They're back together but then it gets a bit bunny boiler-y and he starts to realise there's an ulterior motive."

A show source added: "Ronnie is desperate for a child to help her get over Danielle. Quite sensibly Jack thinks they should wait until they have been going out a bit longer."

We all know Ronnie isn't a patient woman, but TV Towers was shocked to hear whispers that she's so determined to get her own way she sets about sabotaging Jack's condom stash.

Mark our words, this will end in tears.

Source - Sky Tv


Anonymous said…
Ronnie when she comes back to walford should be pregnant with jack's baby but the baby should be not 1 but 2. ( a girl and a boy) Thus she'll give jack something that neither Roxy nor his ex wife did, a son.
Anonymous said…
ronnie your the bset your going to have a baby a gile and a boy and the dad will be jack

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