Syd Returns

While Bradley's trying to tell his grandma Dot to start taking things easy, Syd turns up out of the blue. He takes her to the kitchen where he questions why she's been 'avoiding' him and not responding to any form of communication. Syd, however, reassures him that it's her job as a nurse which is causing the problem. Bradley, though, seems unconvinced.

When Syd goes on to promise Dot that she'll help her develop techniques to battle insomnia, Bradley takes Syd to task and suggests that she'll only disappear like she did before. As Dot leaves the house, Syd tries to reassures Bradley by kissing him, before leading the way to the bedroom.

Indeed, something's not quite right. She's later seen returning to her flat where another guy lets her in. What's she hiding?

These scenes air on Tuesday 12 May on BBC One.

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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