Walford star supports arranged marriage

EastEnders newcomer Preeya Kalidas has admitted that she is open to the idea of an arranged marriage.

The 26-year-old actress, who made her debut as Albert Square's Amira Shah this week, claimed that the concept has become less formal in Indian culture in recent years.

Speaking to The Mirror, Kalidas explained: "I know people from older generations who were 12 when their marriages were arranged and they had no choice in the matter. Nowadays it is more of an introduction. Families introduce you to a possible suitor, which I don't think is a bad thing.

"My brother was introduced to his wife through family. Her family is amazing and she is brilliant and it really works."

The former Bend It Like Beckham star added that she is currently too busy for romance and wants to concentrate on her career.

However, she continued: "I wouldn't be averse to it. If they said, 'Look, there is a good man to meet', I'd say, 'OK'.

"There is a difference between 'You are going to marry this man' and 'What do you think of this man?' It is the same as a friend who says: 'Look, I know this guy, why don't I set you up?' It is like internet dating but we have been doing it for years."

Kalidas signed up for the BBC One soap in February. Her character has been tipped to "ruffle feathers" on the Square over the coming months.

Source - Digital Spy


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