Chelsea Fox Flees 'EastEnders'

EastEnders beauty Chelsea Fox will flee Walford after her dad beats up her new boyfriend.

The sexy beautician, played by Tiana Benjamin, will incur the wrath of father Lucas after a wrap of cocaine falls out her handbag while she is partying with her new footballer boyfriend Ellis in nightclub R+R.

Despite her protestations she isn't back on drugs, Chelsea - who recently dumped student Theo - will see her explanations ignored.

Actress Tiana revealed: "Ellis sends over champagne to Denise and Lucas, who are also in the club, but they think he is just being flash. Chelsea introduces Ellis to them but Denise is so drunk she knocks over Chelsea's bag over and the cocaine falls out. Lucas immediately pockets it and confronts Chelsea about it when they get home. He doesn't believe Chelsea when she says Ellis didn't' give it to her. Later he beats Ellis up."

After finding out about the attack, Chelsea's family confront her about the drugs over dinner, leading to her secretly leaving.

Tiana, 24, added: "Her family tell her how easy it is to fall back into that lifestyle and how they will support her. Chelsea knows she didn't take it and feels betrayed by them. She later sneaks out of the house and drives off with Ellis."

Although Chelsea will live with the hunky sportsman in his penthouse for a short while she eventually returns to Walford.

Source - Virgin Media


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