Chelsea's A Walford Wag

Chelsea Fox is set to become a Walford wag.

She cheats on Theo for a fling with a player from a local football team.

And it looks as though he could tempt her back into bad old habits. Cocaine abuse.

Chelsea is left ripe for the picking when boyfriend Theo Kelly leaves her at R&R alone. He dumps Chelsea to spend time watching a DVD with the pals he made at a University open day.

When a handsome player from Walford FC (yep, first we’ve heard of it too) approaches Chelsea and asks her to join him in the VIP area she can’t resist.

VIP area at R&R? Only a fool would turn that down.

The player then pulls off some fancy footwork by managing to get Chelsea alone in a toilet cubicle before kissing her. Chelsea pulls away at first, but when the soccer scorer points out her boyfriend isn’t around she kisses him back.

He then decides to see just how naughty she is by pulling out a wrap of cocaine.

Whether Chelsea goes back to her bad old ways is as yet hazy, but she certainly doesn’t arrive home until the next morning, leading Lucas Johnson to have words with Theo about keeping his daughter out all night...

The scenes will be shown next week.

Source Sky Tv


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