Diane Parish glad for Lee return

Diane Parish is thrilled Lee Ross is returning to 'EastEnders'.

The actress - who plays Denise Wicks - had wanted the actor to come back even though his character Owen Turner was last seen beating up her alter-ego before almost killing their daughter Libby.

Diane said: "He's in Denise's life whether she likes it or not, and there's going to be some great stuff ahead. I didn't dare dream we'd get Lee back, but it's something Tiana Benjamin and Belinda Owusu (who plays Denise's daughters) and I have always hoped for. It's just fantastic to have him here."

Owen's mother will also be returning and Diane knows she'll be putting the pressure on Denise - who is now engaged to Lucas Johnson - to take her son back.

Diane said: "Liz loves her son. She'll do whatever she can to convince Denise he's worth giving a second chance to. Denise won't want either of them around Libby, though.

Owen and Liz will return to Albert Square later this summer.

Source - Virgin Media


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