Jack's Proposal

After Peggy rumbles Jack's intentions when she finds the engagement ring in his flat, Jack's been backed into a corner - to propose to Ronnie before the following Monday as she's arranged their party at The Vic.

So when Monday rolls around, Jack's still not been able to pluck up the courage to ask Ronnie for her hand in marriage, even though Peggy's already decked out the pub with congratulations banners, much to Jack's frustration. Demanding that they be taken down, Jack storms out of the pub and bumps into his brother Max.

After a conversation with Max, Jack resolves to propose and when Peggy catches him with a bunch of flowers, she has a feeling that the banners will need putting back up.

Ronnie, however, returns from the airport having collected Roxy from her holiday in Spain, and walks into the pub to a round of applause. Bemused, she demands that Jack get to The Vic. Jack's embarrassed as he walks through the packed bar, before crouching on bended knee and proposing. What will Ronnie say?

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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