Lacey's blonde dilemma

Lacey Turner doesn't like her new blonde hair.

The 'EastEnders' actress - who plays troubled Stacey Slater in the soap - only dyed her hair to highlight the erratic behaviour of her character, who has recently been revealed as suffering from bipolar disorder.

Lacey, 21, said: "I agreed to have my hair dyed just for this storyline, and in a way it's nice to have a change - but I do prefer being dark.

"It's supposed to be a sign of Stacey's erratic behaviour and to show she's not behaving rationally."

Lacey also told how she put a great deal of research into bipolar disorder so she can accurately play her character.

She added: "I'm so lucky to play such a fantastic character. I've been reading a lot of research material as well as chatting to people who have been through similar things themselves.

"It can be quite daunting to act this sort of drama out, because I really want to do it justice."

Stacey returns to the show looking in a "terrible state" with cut and bruised feet as well as her new hair- she looks so different her ex-love Max doesn't even recognise her.

Source - Virgin Media


faye'ox said…
I dont think she suits the blound hair at all

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