'Manya' kiss

In a fortnight's time we finally witness what we've been urging to happen for months. Max and Tanya - Manya - finally get it together again!

Max had arranged to go see Kings Of Leon with her, but having given the tickets to Bradley, Tanya takes on the task of arranging their evening.

When Max arrives at the house, he's surprised to find Tanya's glammed up serving oysters. However, when she drops the bombshell on him that she's only looking for some "fun", Max isn't happy. He soon manages to sweet talk her round, though, and it looks like they're back on form - that is until Max heads out to buy condoms and bumps into a dishevelled, blonde-haired Stacey on the way to the shop...

In the same week that Manya apparently reunite, it's curtains for Bracey - Bradley and Stacey. Personally, I think that just as Tanya's a one-man woman, Bradley's a one-woman man. But when will they both see it?

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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