Nitin Ganatra morphs into Masood

Nitin Ganatra is worried he is turning into his EastEnders character Masood Ahmed.

The actor confessed that after playing postman-turned-caterer Masood for two years with Nina Wadia playing his wife Zainab, he gets confused.

Nitin revealed: "Occasionally you start forgetting which one's real and which one's not."

He continued: "I like to think I'm not really like Masood in terms of my wife and I have a fairly equal relationship, where I'm not henpecked and stuff like that.

"But I don't know whether I come home and I'm doing the same sort of thing really. You go to work and you snog a woman at work who's your on-screen wife and then you come home and you think what did I just do today?

"It's the longest job I've ever had, and it's the longest character I've ever played and I think what's hard about it is there's so many different writers who have their own take on the character and you're the one who seems to be becoming the character as well.

"So it is odd."

Source - Virgin Media


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