Peggy The Ringmaster

Jack Branning’s marriage ­proposal to Ronnie Mitchell goes haywire when nosy ­Peggy Mitchell interferes.

Ronnie invites Peggy and Aunt Sal to dinner at Jack’s while he is out.However, she has no idea they plan on rummaging through their things when she pops out.

Peggy finds an engagement ring hidden in Jack’s drawers and, guessing he’s planning a proposal, summons him to the Queen Vic.

Our insider said: “Peggy gives Jack quite a talking to – she doesn’t want him hurting Ronnie or messing her about.

“She even grills him on his past relationships knowing his womanising reputation.

“But he wins Peggy round and she begins to realise it could be a good thing. She gives him her blessing but tells him to propose on Monday as she’s organised the party!”

Jack is even more shocked when he finds her posting “congratulations” banners all over the pub.

He tries to tell Peggy it’s a private matter and asks her to take them down but she ignores his pleas.

Our Albert Square ­insider added: “Ronnie arrives back at the Vic early and is shocked by the banners.“Peggy quickly calls Jack over and, egged on by her, he gets down on one knee.

“It’s clear Ronnie’s under pressure and it sets her nerves on edge when he asks her to be his wife in front of a waiting audience.

This is the last thing Jack wanted for him and Ronnie – he’s been mixed up in Mitchell's chaos before and he saw this as a fresh start.”
Source - Daily Star


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