Phil Mitchell's dawn of generosity?

EastEnders fans may not think of Phil Mitchell as the charitable type, but he'll show his more generous side when he offers to give Dawn a loan.

The Vic's newest barmaid explains that she's working two jobs because Garry is saving up all his spare cash to buy their flat, and the recovering alcoholic decides to give the couple a helping hand.

Garry can't understand why his boss is flashing the cash, but it seems a jealous Shirley could probably give him a few clues as she accuses Dawn of always being on the look out for a mug to take care of her, and then throws a drink over her.

Phil jumps to Dawn's defence and lets her use the upstairs of the pub to get changed, but when he later finds her drying off in just jeans and a bra, some viewers may be left wondering exactly what kind of repayments he has in mind.

Source - Virgin Media


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