Ronnie's Gone

It's a rollercoaster week for Ronnie after Jack proposes to her.

Ronnie accepts - but then Jack realises she has been secretly trying to get pregnant! When he angrily accuses her of being just like her devious dad, Ronnie flees Walford and says she is never coming back!

The drama unfolds after excited Peggy pushes Jack to pop the question - even putting decorations up in The Vic! But before Jack can do it, Ronnie walks in and spots Peggy's huge "Congratulations" banner!

"Ronnie is shocked and feels quite exposed," says Samantha Womack, who plays her.

"She is also an independent woman who won't just be forced into anything!"

Furious, Ronnie phones Jack and tells him to get to the pub ­ now. Yet, when Jack gets down on one knee, all is forgiven and the happy couple head home to celebrate.

Later though, Jack finds Ronnie in the bathroom, sticking a pin in a condom, and all hell breaks loose!

"Jack is livid," explains Samantha. "He feels betrayed and questions if he can trust her any more."

He even says she's just as manipulative as Archie! Crushed, Ronnie roars off on her bike, leaving her engagement ring behind.

Later, after a call from her sister, Roxy tells Jack Ronnie's gone for good!

"Ronnie's not afraid to head off on her own," adds Samantha. "In her mind nothing is impossible."

Source - The Sun


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