Stacey's Dramatic Return

Stacey makes a dramatic return to the Square - not that you'd recognise her!

The troubled brunette has a new blonde hairstyle and looks in such a confused and bloody state that everybody is shocked and worried.

"Max is the first person to see Stacey," reveals Lacey Turner, who plays her. "He literally bumps into her. It's not until he apologises that he realises it's her.

"It's not just that her hair is blonde. Her feet have got cuts all over them and she is clearly unwell. She doesn't speak to Max, she just stumbles home."

Stacey's arrival comes as Max is making a dash to the shops ­ after a romantic dinner, he and Tanya decide to sleep together, only to realise they don't have any protection!

When he gets back, Max tells Tanya he has seen Stacey. Rather than get angry, Tanya feels guilty about the state Stacey is in ­ and her night with Max comes to a sudden end.

The Brannings are not the only ones concerned about Stacey's condition.

"Her mum Jean is extremely worried, as she recognises some of Stacey's symptoms," explains Lacey.

Hoping that he can help, Jean asks Bradley to have a word with her daughter. But he doesn't say what Stacey is hoping to hear.

"Bradley drops the bombshell that he wants a divorce ­ and Stacey is heartbroken," says Lacey.

"However she doesn't let on to Bradley just how upset she is. But when she gets home and puts away her dad's wedding ring, which Bradley has given back to her, she starts to cry."

Source - The Sun


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