Two Beale Drive

EastEnder Ian Beale shows off his chicken legs as he wheels into Albert Square wearing a kilt and riding a tandem.

The BBC soap’s penny-pinching catering magnate has been on a cycling holiday to Scotland with long-suffering wife Jane.

The warring couple won the break in a raffle.

Jane had dreamed that their trip would consist of long country walks and daisy-filled meadows.
But Ian had other ideas — and surprised her with bicycle chains and haggis.

Despite their uphill struggles, the wheels still don’t come off their punctured marriage.

When the pair return to Walford, miserly misery Ian is even sporting a huge grin along with his tartan smock — until he sees the black hole where The Caff used to be.

The pair race round to confront Jane’s brother and business partner Christian Clarke.

He bluntly reveals how twisted Nick Cotton had blown up The Caff in desperation after he failed to kill his mum Dot.

But the only thing that seems to be worrying Ian is what has happened to his profits. Must be quite a Jock to the system.

Watch Ian screech back into the Square on Monday 22 June at 8pm.

Source - The Sun


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