Casual dresser Samantha Janus

Samantha Janus hates getting dressed up.

The 'EastEnders' actress who plays Ronnie Mitchell in the BBC soap feels at her best when she's relaxing at home rather than piling on the make -up and putting on a designer outfit.

She said: "Whenever I go to an awards ceremony I hate having my hair, nails and make-up done. I feel my most beautiful and relaxed when I'm dressed down."

Samantha who is mum to eight-year-old Ben and Lili-Rose, four also admitted she is desperate for another baby.

She said: "I'm so broody. I'm terrible at work if someone brings a baby on set I'm forever stealing them. I'd love two more."

The blonde beauty wed partner Mark Womack who is the father of Ben and Lili-Rose earlier this year and admitted she was in tears when she saw him at the altar.

She added: "When I saw Mark it was like I'd never seen him before. I couldn't help but cry."

Source - Virgin Media


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