Dawn's infidelity discovery

EastEnders Dawn Swann will be overcome with guilt when Minty Peterson demands she confess to having an affair.

The randy barmaid who has been sleeping with her boss Phil Mitchell behind her boyfriend Garry Hobbs' back is horrified when she realises Minty knows about her infidelity and won't keep it a secret.

Kara Tointon, who plays Dawn, said: "Minty gives her an ultimatum either she tells Garry, or he will. She keeps putting it off and, in the end, decides she needs to get away. She realises she's got feelings for Phil, and going to see her family might help.

"The Phil thing has come from nowhere. He's been really good to her recently and she's been standing up to him over his drinking, telling him a few home truths. So they've developed this respect for each other, and she likes him. There's something between them."

Dawn leaves Walford without telling Garry about the affair, but Kara has promised he will know soon, and in dramatic circumstances because both Dawn and Garry are being written out of the series this summer.

She said: "There are a few more twists in the tale, but I can't say how long it'll be before Garry finds out. We're hoping for a good exit - it's always nice to get something other than leaving in the back of a cab. But I'm glad Dawn and Garry aren't being killed off. I'd like a happy ending so fingers crossed!"

Source - Virgin Media


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