Deepak Verma: 'EastEnders is like Eton'

Former EastEnders star Deepak Verma has compared Albert Square to Eton College.

The actor, who played market trader Sanjay Kapoor in the '90s, confirmed that he is still in touch with many of his ex-soap colleagues, likening them to old schoolmates.

Speaking to Holy Soap, he revealed: "There's certain people who, whenever I meet them, we always have a catch up. It's like an old school. It's like going to Eton or something.

"You have that respect. We know what we've gone through, what we've had to get over."

Despite recently criticising the programme's current portrayal of Asian families, Verma added that he will always be grateful to the producers who cast him in the role of Sanjay.

He commented: "Everything I do now is because of the experience I've had. It's what gave me my break and what let me do the things I do now. The financial freedom I've got now is because of that."

Since leaving Walford, Verma has appeared in Holby City, White Teeth, Doctors and All About Me.

Source - Digital Spy


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