Diane Parish's ''Denise advice''

Diane Parish thinks her 'EastEnders' alter-ego should leave Albert Square.

The actress character Denise Wicks is furious when she discovers her ex-husband Owen Turner is set to be released from jail but soon contemplates forgiving him for trying to kill their daughter Libby as she thinks he has changed after visiting him in prison.

However, Diane believes Denise is making a huge mistake as she doesn't think Owen will ever fully change his behaviour.

She said: "He appears to genuinely want a relationship with Libby, and that's the thing which makes Denise think there could be a real possibility he's really changed for the better this time.

"But the man tried to kill her daughter, for goodness sake. If it were me, I wouldn't even be living in the same country as him - prison or no prison."

However, Diane admits she is happy to see Owen return because it means she gets to work with actor Lee Ross again.

She told Britain's Inside Soap magazine: "We always used to imagine what it'd be like if Lee came back, in a fantasy football kind of way! So when the producers told us they'd asked him back, I was really worried about whether he or not he'd say yes. But luckily he did and it's been great."

Source - Virgin Media


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