EastEnders Set To Be Spruced Up

EastEnders bosses are to spend thousands of pounds refurbishing their sets.

Producers on the BBC soap are worried that the switch to High Definition (HD) broadcasting will highlight the crumbling buildings which were built in 1985 - and are even considering replacing the entire set.

Production designer Shaun Moore who worked on the original set said: "Some parts of the set were built in real brick work but other parts built with wood and plaster have degraded much quicker and don't look so good now.

"HD is a wonderful development but it does mean that budgets have got to be increased."

The network has reportedly set aside a special fund to improve sets including those of 'The Apprentice' and 'Dragon's Den' - ahead of the switch, but it is still expected to come out of the license fee.

A network spokesperson said: "The move to HD for programmes is a key priority for the BBC and very much part of our long-term planning, including all cost implications. We have detailed advance discussions with productions that are due to make the move to ensure the transition is as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

"With 19million HD-ready TVs sold so far, and as we move towards a time when all programmes will be made in HD, it's important that the BBC helps lead these changes to deliver the very best service for our audiences."

Source - Virgin Media


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