Family man Archie Mitchell

Larry Lamb insists his EastEnders alter-ego is desperate to become a good family man.

The actor who plays menacing Archie Mitchell in the BBC soap returned to Albert Square earlier this month and insists Archie only wants to make amends for all the damage he's caused.

He told UK TV show 'This Morning': "He's a very difficult one to figure out. I keep trying! He just wants to be part of this family. He wants this family to work, he's got this image that it's got to work, that it's got to be a unit.

"He's got to be the head of the family and it doesn't matter how far it goes wrong, he never really sees that. What Archie wants is want everybody else should want. He wants control of everything. He wants to run the lot."

In April Archie was made to leave the Square soon after his disastrous wedding to Peggy Mitchell, in which it was revealed he had lied to his daughter Ronnie about her own daughter being dead.

Archie had always insisted Amy the girl Ronnie gave up for adoption when she was 14 had died, but she later turned up with her new name of Danielle and told Ronnie the truth but she refused to believe her.

When she finally accepted Danielle was telling the truth, Ronnie was left devastated when Danielle died in her arms after being knocked down by a car.

But Archie has now made a shock return to Walford in the hope Peggy will forgive him and give him another chance.

Source - Virgin Media


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