Furious Dawn

EastEnders Dawn Swann is forced into a corner by Minty in a fortnight's time when he gives her 30 minutes to choose between Garry and Phil. She does and surprisingly chooses Phil, but he's not too impressed by her calling him "baby", before declaring her love for him.

The following day, Dawn is still incredulous by Phil's treatment of her and decides to tell him exactly what she thinks. Storming across to The Vic, she hammers on the door and Phil asks Tracey to make herself scarce. Dawn launches a verbal tirade at Phil, insisting that he's a "cheating scumbag" for "leading her on".

Phil reminds her that he was her "bit on the side" and when she attempts to slap him, he blocks her effort and after a final showdown at the doors, she leaves threatening to tell Garry the truth.

She later returns to The Vic with Garry in tow, having set a date for their wedding, August 27.

These scenes air on Tuesday 4 August on BBC One

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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