June Brown's Dot death?

June Brown has admitted her 'EastEnders' character could be killed off.

The 82-year-old actress who plays chain-smoker Dot Cotton in the BBC soap says producers may want to get rid of her to save money and says all they would have to do is turn her alter-ego into a hate figure.

June, who is one of the show's highest earners, said: "Well they could. If they want to drop you, most often they will give you a rather unpleasant storyline.

"The public always equate the character to the actor - and then everyone says, 'Oh I don't like him at all I'll be glad to when he's gone'. They ease it in. You're in the hands of the Gods."

June is currently on a three-month break from 'EastEnders' while she stars in the West End stage production of 'Calendar Girls' but admits she was a bit wary of doing it because of the current economic client.

She told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I thought it was good to have a bit of a change because you can get very bogged down in these sort of things. I have got something on my door there that says 'Remind me how lucky I am to work here I keep forgetting'.

"It's true but I am lucky to have that job - especially in this time of recession. It's hard for a lot of actors to get a job at all. So you shouldn't really bite that hand that feeds you."

Source - Virgin Media


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