Mitchells to flee 'EastEnders'

EastEnders's Mitchell family leave Albert Square in a desperate attempt to flee their problems.

Peggy is devastated when she realises son Phil will never accept her relationship with Archie, so decides the only way forward is for the family to go away together.

Larry Lamb who plays Peggy's love interest Archie Mitchell in the BBC soap said: "She decides she, Phil and Ben are going abroad to visit Grant.

"Peggy knows she has to decide between Archie and her family, and although she might quite like the idea of being happy and settled with a bloke, she decides that's not the way it's going to be. So she sticks with her immediate family."

The drama unfolds after Ben realises his drunk father Phil is on his way to Archie's house with a gun.

Larry explained: "Ben's arrival stops Phil in his tracks. He really doesn't want his boy seeing him like this. But Ben's already very upset and when they get back home, he takes the gun off Phil and begs him not to do anything stupid. The lads in a real state, as is Phil, who's still hammered. Peggy walks in on the scene and, well, it's not a pretty sight."

Source - Virgin Media


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