Owen Returns

A familiar face returns to our screens in EastEnders at the end of the month when Libby Fox goes to visit her estranged father Owen Turner in prison.

He was sent there in 2006 for attempting to murder his own daughter by drowning her in a stream and having nearly served his sentence, Owen has asked his mother Liz to stop by Albert Square to see Libby on her birthday.

Libby's stunned to see her gran and she soon realises that she's there in an attempt to persuade her to see Owen. At first, Libby's dead against the idea but soon relents. Without her family knowing, Libby heads to the prison where a remorseful Owen is made up to see her.

Owen quickly acknowledges that he's made mistakes in the past and doesn't expect forgiveness. He apologises for his actions, before revealing that he's being released in a few months' time...

Is Owen a reformed man?

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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