Peggy and Archie kiss

Phil Mitchell is not a happy bunny in EastEnders towards the middle of the month when he walks in on his mum Peggy kissing Archie.

Having originally ousted Archie from the Square in April, Phil returns to Walford from holiday with his son Ben and can't believe it when he sees Archie escorting Peggy back to The Vic from their meal. Seizing the opportunity to warn Archie again, Phil insists that he's still not welcome on the Square. Archie, however, maintains that he'll leave when Peggy tells him that there's no future for them.

Having acquired a gun, Phil intends to use force to coax him to leave - as if the cement mixer and blow torch weren't enough! However, when he walks into the flat, he's stunned to see Archie and Peggy kissing.

Peggy tries to reason with her son, but Phil's not willing to listen. Despite having 'promised' not to hurt Archie, Phil pops round to his flat and issues him with a final warning: leave Walford or die.

As a parting shot, Phil drops a bullet into Archie's whiskey glass. Will Archie live to regret defying Phil?

These scenes air on Tuesday 14 July on BBC One
Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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