Phil Mitchell plans to 'see off' Archie

EastEnders Phil Mitchell takes delivery of a gun as she plans to see off Archie Mitchell forever.

The Albert Square hardman is furious that Archie is trying to worm his way back into his mother Peggy's good books, and so decides to take drastic action.

Larry Lamb, who plays Archie in the BBC soap, revealed: "It all turns ugly. Archie's never quite understood how damaged Phil is and how difficult he can be, but he's not going to be swayed from his desire to get back with Peggy. It becomes clear Phil isn't happy though. There's a big confrontation - and Archie realises he means business."

Phil is desperate to ensure Archie and his mother do not reunite, so when threatening Archie doesn't work, he decides to get a firearm.

The enraged mechanic even drops bullets in Archie's drink as a warning, but is devastated when Archie pays no heed and eventually turns to alcohol to soothe his woes.

Larry added: "Archie isn't frightened of Phil, but he's definitely wary of him. He understands how the relationship between him and Peggy works - they're absolutely glued at the hip. It's quite clear to Archie that winning Peggy over won't be an easy task, and he keeps a sharp eye on Phil from this point on."

Source - Virgin Media


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