Ronnie's Drug Plot

Ronnie Mitchell is taking drugs.

The EastEnders club owner's secret will be discovered after she starts sleeping with new hunk Ryan, much to the annoyance of Janine Butcher who sets out to sabotage their budding relationship.

Sam Janus, who plays Ronnie, said: "Janine's jealous Ryan's with Ronnie and not her, and out to make trouble.

"She also goes through Ronnie's bag and finds some drugs."

Sam also said Janine is thinking about revealing to Ryan that Ronnie is desperate for a baby, and could be using him just so she can get pregnant.

She added: "There's a danger Ronnie is spiralling out of control. Ronnie's using the drugs as a crutch but they're not enough. She needs real help."

Whether her new man, Ryan who has a hidden shady past will be the right person to help and support her in her time of need is yet to be seen.

Source - Virgin Media


Anonymous said…
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