Scott Maslen break down

Scott Maslen's son burst into tears when he saw his dad kissing another woman.

The EastEnders actor who plays club boss Jack Branning says seven-year-old Zac was upset after seeing Scott share an on-screen kiss with Samantha Janus, who plays Jack's love interest Ronnie Mitchell.

He said: "Zac watched 'EastEnders' but recently there was a lot of snogging going on, so there was a bit of an issue because he knows Sam very well. Kids don't like seeing people kiss anyway, let alone their dad."

Scott also revealed he feels more secure in his relationship with partner Estelle, after the pair recently got married following 10 years of dating.

He said: "I've been with my wife, Estelle, for 10 years, but it does feel different. We're a total item now, and I'm loving it. I'm not like my love-rat characters I'm a loyal man and don't really like the spotlight that much. My private life is juts excellent."

Source - Virgin Media


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