Shirley throws some punches

Scary Shirley shows the full force of her temper in EastEnders next week - when she knocks Minty to the ground.

The peroxide blonde thinks he is the father of best pal Heather's secret unborn baby and arranges to meet him in the Vic.

But she's not impressed when Minty's new love interest Manda turns up and shouts at him, before taking him out with a punch leaving him with a bloody nose.

A shocked Heather then insists Minty isn't the father of her child to the surprise of the drinkers, who didn't even know she was pregnant.

She then exclaims that no one knows who the dad really is as rumours start circulating - and storms out of the Vic.

Catch the emotional scenes in EastEnders on Friday 10 July on BBC One

Source - The Sun


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