Stacey's Fall

Stacey Slater's quest to discover the identity of Max's new girlfriend intensifies in a fortnight's time when she storms over to the Brannings' to find out what she wants to know firsthand.

Wandering over to Number 5, an unbalanced Stacey turns up on Tanya's doorstep and barges her way into the house. Walking into the living room, Stacey's furious to find Max there and starts shouting at him. As she continues to vent, Tanya hears Lauren and Abi return home.

Not wanting the kids to hear the commotion, Tanya tries to drag Stacey out of the house but as Stacey pulls away from her, Tanya loses her grip. With that, Stacey falls to the ground, her head hitting the floor...

These scenes air on Tuesday 14 July on BBC One

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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