Starstruck Neil McDermott

EastEnders Neil McDermott is still pinching himself that he has landed a part in the soap.

The 28 year old Actor who plays teen tearaway Whitney Dean's half brother Ryan admitted it was daunting acting alongside characters he has grown up watching.

He said: "Most people say that the first time you see June Brown as Dot walking towards you through the Square, you get a bit scared!

"A lot of the guys here have been doing it so long and I've grown up watching them on TV. I loved the Mitchell brothers when I was growing up, so it's really strange talking to Steve (McFadden) as an actor, rather than seeing him as Phil!"

Neil's character Ryan has remained mostly anonymous on the square, but his identity as Whitney's half brother has now been revealed. Next week Ryan will return to the square in search of his mother and Neil has promised that his character has some mysterious secrets that will soon be unveiled.

He Digital Spy: "He's very mysterious and he has lots of secrets that unfold as we go along. It's great for me to play as while we're going along, there's always something going on."

Source - Virgin Media


Melissa said…
I think the character of Ryan is quite sexy and fierce and I also think he is extremely attractive, just absolutely gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
neil mcdermott, is a gawjuss and sexy man, he makes my heart beat faster when he comes on eastenders he is soo lush, i love him to bits
Anonymous said…
neil mcdermott is propper gawjuss n lush, he can cum n have a nite with me any time any day any place i'll do him all ova he'll not know wats hit him he will be begging for more after he has had me

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