Syed Masood's guilty proposal

EastEnder's Syed Masood proposes to his girlfriend out of guilt for sleeping with Christian.

The Muslim character played by Marc Elliott in the BBC soap is devastated after taking his same sex relationship with Christian Clarke becomes physical, and he decides the only way to make it better is to ask Amira Shah to marry him.

Marc explained: "Syed's desperate to be a good Muslim man. He's lived all his life practicing his faith to the best of his ability, and this is the one area he feels he's letting himself down.

"He's constantly wrestling with his conscience and his feelings for Christian. The day after they're together, he feels it was a mistake and begs Christian not to say anything."
However, Christian is given a ray of hope with Syed asks him to meet him in the Queen Vic pub.

Adamant Syed is going to tell his family about their affair, Christian is horrified when he proposes to his girlfriend in front of his mother Zainab and the whole bar.

Marc added: "Things get very awkward - Christian is shattered. Syed's been so confused about his own feelings that he's not thinking about how it might be affecting his secret lover. Then he finds Christian crying and sees the effect it's having on him."

Source - Virgin Media


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