Walford star reveals gay plot nerves

EastEnders star Marc Elliott has admitted that he was initially nervous about filming his character's current gay storyline.

Viewers have seen the actor's alter-ego Syed Masood falling in love and beginning an affair with caterer Christian Clarke since he made his Walford debut in April.

Discussing the plot in an interview with We Love Telly! magazine, Elliott revealed: "I was nervous but John is so great to work with and makes me feel so comfortable. We just bantered all the way through it and had a laugh."

One of the key aspects of the story sees Syed struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his beliefs as a practising Muslim. He must also deal with his feelings for girlfriend Amira Shah.
Elliott continued: "It's quite hardcore actually because a lot of the emotional scenes tend to be done on the same day. We are well and truly knackered after filming."

Asked about the controversial nature of the plot, he replied: "Everyone was nervous about how people would respond, but it's been fine."

The soap star has previously praised producers for going ahead with the plot, arguing that the programme has a duty to reflect society.

Source - Digital Spy


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