Albert Square's baby care

EastEnders star Nina Wadia wants Albert Square to open its own creche.

The actress whose alter-ego Zainab Masood is shocked to discover she is expecting her fourth child says Walford is in need of a day care centre for young children, especially as Zainab's neighbour Heather Trott is also expecting.

She said: "There isn't one already, so it would be a good thing for Heather to start. I can imagine Zainab being really, really annoyed with the way Heather took care of the babies because any child of Zainab's would have to get special treatment, of course!"

Nina also revealed she is excited to take on Cheryl Ferguson, who plays Heather, in the Funniest Performance category at this year's Inside Soap awards.

She said: "It's brilliant to be up for it, I'm really happy. Bring on the battle I say! Cheryl and I are great friends, she's lovely. I'll be going to her for advice because her character's due to give birth before mine."

Source - Virgin Media


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