Barbara Windsor: 'I look and feel good'

Barbara Windsor has revealed that she is happy with life.

The actress is currently campaigning to raise money for Great Ormond Street, starring with Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland next year and has a loving husband of ten years, 45-year-old Scott Mitchell.

Mitchell took her away for a romantic trip to Paris for her 70th birthday.

She told the Sunday Mirror: "We marked the occasion in the traditional way. I may not be as frisky as I used to be but we had one of the most romantic, ooh la la nights I can remember. Marvellous, actually."

Windsor is pleased with her appearance, saying: "I am aware that I look good for my age. It’s my genes. My dad looked incredibly young, so did my mother. And a younger husband helps."

She admitted that she was keen to get some more plastic surgery, saying: "There are still bits and pieces I want fixed.

"I want to have my bosoms done just like Ulrika Jonsson. She looks fantastic. I just think, 'Why not?'"

Windsor also feels that she is satisfied with her acting career: "I’ve worked in two iconic shows, Carry On and EastEnders. If it all ended tomorrow and it could, I’d just be terribly grateful. I’ve been fortunate enough to do what I love and get paid for it."

Source - Digital Spy


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