EastEnders Heather baby details revealed?

Details of what are believed to be the name and sex of EastEnders character Heather Trott's baby have been leaked online, DS can reveal.

The Walford cheese lover played by Cheryl Fergison is currently seven months pregnant by an unknown man and is due to give birth towards the end of October.

However, there is now some confusion over the details of her unborn child.

At the beginning of July, Shirley Carter rumbled her best friend's secret pregnancy when she followed her to the hospital where she was attending a scan appointment.

There, the sonographer informed her that she was having a baby girl and armed with that information, Heather has been mulling various names such as Holly after her grandmother and during next week's episodes, she suggests Sheena and Yas as possibilities.

However, a script snippet from an episode at the beginning of November yesterday appeared on the show's official website, seemingly revealing that Heather's baby is, in fact, a boy and that she calls him George after her idol George Michael.

A show source this morning told DS: "There's been so much secrecy surrounding the Heather storyline, to the extent that all of the scripts have either been censored or doctored. The baby's father's called George in all the scripts, so there's a good chance that they could be doing this with the baby as well."

They added: "It's certainly causing a lot of excitement but only a handful of people know the real story..."

Betting recently opened on the 'Who's the Daddy?' storyline, with Heather's ex-husband Minty Peterson (Cliff Parisi) 2/1 favourite.

Source - Digital Spy


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