EastEnders helps girl to pass GCSEs

A Polish girl has credited EastEnders for helping her to pass her GCSEs.

Sylwia Tekieli, 17, could only speak a few words of English when she left her home country and began studying at St John Houghton Catholic School in Ilkeston, Derbyshire nearly two years ago.

Her language skills were later boosted when she started watching the BBC One soap and became hooked on events in Walford.

On GCSE results day yesterday, Tekieli discovered that her avid viewing had paid off. The teenager was informed that she had secured nine higher grade passes in her exams, including an A and two Bs.

"Moving to England was so hard for me because I was 15 and I left all of my friends and family behind," Tekieli told This Is Derbyshire.

"My first day at an English school was really scary because I didn't know anyone, I didn't know the language and I didn't know what people were saying to me."

Discussing her progress, she explained: "I read books and watched some English television and programmes like EastEnders and other soaps, which really helped.

"The whole journey has been a real challenge for me from start to finish, because of the language barrier, but I'm really pleased I've done this well."

Tekieli will now go on to study at college before pursuing a degree in architecture.

Source - Digital Spy


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