Garry punches Phil

It's Garry and Dawn's Swann-song in EastEnders at the end of the month but as expected, the day doesn't quite go to plan.

With the knowledge that Dawn chose Phil over Garry, Minty takes it upon himself to tell Garry the truth on the eve of his wedding. Despite being armed with the awful truth, Garry's determined to go through with the day.

However, as Phil drives the boys out of the Square to the ceremony, Garry yells at him to stop. Rushing out the car, Garry runs over to Dawn who's not impressed that he's seen her before the wedding. However, she's stumped when Garry demands to know if she loved him.

Her silence and glance over at Phil tells Garry exactly what he needed to know and with that, he turns and punches Phil for his betrayal.

Will Garry and Dawn have a happy-ever-after ending? These pictures would suggest so...

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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