Nina Wadia's labour laughs

Nina Wadia admits she couldn't stop laughing during the birth of her first baby.

The EastEnders actress whose alter-ego Zainab Ahmed is devastated to discover she's pregnant with her fourth child says she found the whole process funny, even though her life was put at risk with a complicated Caesarean section.

She said: "My first child was a Caesarean. I had so much gas and air, and there was blood everywhere. So when the anaesthetist came running in, slipped on it and fell, it was pure comedy for me. I had no idea that my life was in grave danger, I was too busy laughing!"

Nina also wishes Zainab would learn to "chill out" because she's always worrying about something.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "The woman needs to chill out a bit. She's always been a worrier, and I think she's got to a point in her life where she'd like to do something a bit different. But she's scared about what the future holds. I really wish Zainab could drink, because I'd advise her to crack open a bottle of wine and just forget her problems for once."

Source - Virgin Media


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